What’s the Ideal Age to Get Laser Eye Surgery?

The prospect of having perfect eyesight, if you are a wearer of glasses, may seem like an implausible aspiration. However, in recent years, laser eye surgery has made this dream a reality for thousands, if not millions of people across the country.

What’s more, the cost of laser eye surgery is now more affordable than ever before, meaning this low risk, often life-changing procedure, is fast becoming an option for those who wear glasses or contact lenses.

It is sometimes difficult to understand all the aspects of this procedure, and one common question concerns the age at which laser eye surgery is most effective.

laser eye surgery

Minimum Age

Most experienced ophthalmologists and laser eye surgeons will agree that this kind of surgery is not suitable for patients below the age of 18. In fact, some surgeons will even recommend that the procedure should not be carried out until the patient is 21.

The reason for this is because a teenager’s eye changes and develops significantly throughout adolescence. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this process is complete and vision has remained stable for at least a year before laser eye surgery.

An ophthalmologist or surgeon will assess the patient’s prescription to see if it has changed quickly or remained the same in the early years of adulthood. This will give a good indication of when the individual is ready for surgery.

The main benefit of having laser surgery at a young age is that eyes tend to heal quickly, stabilise faster and suffer from fewer side effects, such as dry eyes. Another obvious advantage is that the beneficiary can enjoy improved vision for longer.

Maximum Age

As laser eye surgery is a low risk procedure, there is no maximum age limit at which a patient is unsuitable. As long as their eyes are healthy and treatable, then surgery can go ahead.

Unlike traditional procedures, which can be problematic for the elderly, laser eye surgery involves making a small, clean and accurate incision that reduces the risk of infection and other complications.

Some older patients may suffer from eye dryness more than younger people, so it is a good idea to keep eyes well-hydrated and lubricated with drops. However this is important for every patient that undergoes laser eye surgery, as it will help the healing process and avoid problems. Eye drops will be provided by whoever carries out the procedure.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists says that laser eye surgery may not be able to cure age-related presbyopia, however a one-on-one consultation is the best way to discover whether you are eligible.

The Ideal Age

There is no specific ideal age to get laser eye surgery, however, ophthalmologists and practitioners believe that younger patients will benefit the most.

As long as your eyes are suitable, then age should have no bearing on your decision to go ahead with the procedure.

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