Molluscum Treatment Using Different Methods

You or your kids may have molluscum and may not know of it. Molluscum is a common viral skin infection that is sometimes mistaken to be several other skin conditions because of their similarity in appearance like: acne, whiteheads, warts, exzema, folliculitis, fungal infection, boils, atopic / contact dermatitis, bug bites, heat rash and sometimes carcinoma cells. Because of its similarity with so many skin conditions, it is very important for you to identify a molluscum from other skin rashes.

Molluscum Characteristics & Molluscum Treatment

The first step towards knowing how to deal with molluscum is to identify how it differs from other skin conditions or you may end using molluscum treatment with wrong medications because of wrong diagnosis.


Molluscum rashes are raised papules, which are hard to touch but are painless; they are small, flesh colored bumps with a very small indentation on top, when inflamed the rash may appear red.

Spread of Infection

The virus easily spreads in children through direct skin to skin contact and through contaminated objects such as doorknobs, faucet handles and toys. For adults it can also spread through sexual contact from an affected partner.

Molluscum rashes are itchy and once you scratch them they easily disappear, but that is how the virus spreads, other means would be rubbing your skin from an infected person. Sharing of personal toiletries like shave, makeup brushes and sponges can also transfer the virus.

Site of Infection

Basically Molluscum can infect any part of the skin, but rashes in children usually appear on the face, hands arms and moist areas of the neck, armpits and groin. In adults, since this is a sexually transmitted disease it can also be found on the genitals, groin, buttocks and lower abdomen.

Poor Immune System

Molluscum being a viral infection has no cure and has the capacity to affect a person’s immune system. This situation will make a person more prone to other infections because of the compromised immune system. So, one of the first things in a Molluscum treatment is to strengthen your immune system and keep it that way.

Course of Infection

Molluscum takes at least six months and a maximum of one to several years before they disappear. If your kids have then, Molluscum will be more progressive and rashes take a longer time to disappear, this is because children have under-developed immune systems so they are unable to produce enough antibodies to kill the viruses.

Home Molluscum Treatment Options for Infection

Molluscum infection itself has no cure because it is caused by a virus and viruses are self-limiting, meaning they will take their natural course and die at the appointed time. To help speed up the course of the virus, the only thing you can do is to boost your immune system so that your own antibodies can fight the virus. The first step in homeopathic Molluscum treatment therefore is to strengthen your weak immune system by:

Healthy Balanced Diet

This will ensure that you have enough supply of vitamins, minerals and natural phytochemicals to develop the immune system that will produce more antibodies.

Enough Rest and Sleep

A lack of sleep is the most common cause of a weak immune system because lack of rest and sleep does not allow daily cell repair and regeneration to take place, including the immune system.

Good Hydration

Hydrating with at least 8 to 10 glasses of water ensures that effective daily cleansing takes place, freeing your body with the waste and toxins. Excessive waste and toxins inside the body also weakens the immune system. You will help your Molluscum treatment plans a lot by keeping yourself properly hydrated.

Proper Hygiene

This is very important and makes a great impact in rapidly getting rid of the Molluscum rashes. At least twice a day bath with soap and water paying close attention to moist areas of the neck, arms, groins and other skin folds. If you don’t have any allergies, you can buy soap with salicylic acid then moisturize the skin after bath to prevent over dryness because dryness can aggravate the Molluscum rashes.

Quality Supplements

Check with your homeopathic doctor, if you have one what food supplements will be beneficial in boosting your immune system to get rid of your Molluscum rashes.

Medical and Surgical Molluscum Treatment Options

It is also worthwhile to know what Molluscum treatment options are available for you,.

Molluscum Removal Procedures

Removal of the Molluscum bumps can be done surgically by scraping or electrocautery, by freezing in a wart freezer using liquid nitrogen and laser therapy. The procedure is slightly painful so an anesthetic agent is applied.

Topical Agents

These ointments will prevent bacterial infection, which is a common complication when you have Molluscum. Some of the topical agents may contain any of the following: salicylic acid, sodium nitrate, benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid, tretinoin, and anti-viral properties. In some cases of severe itching a topical steroid may be needed or a non-allergenic moisturizer for people with allergy.

Overall prevention is still your best option, to do this practice good skin hygiene, avoid contact with people infected by Molluscum, avoid using public pools and unclean hot tubs and never share your personal belongings like shave, comb and clothing with other people. This is the best Molluscum treatment.