Tips to Control Snoring – Part 1

Snoring has been known to disrupt many a good night’s sleep, to say nothing of entire relationships! But when it comes to snoring, there are many things that can help. According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association, the following tips to control snoring could help –

1. Sleeping on one side is known to help prevent snoring. Snoring is more common when lying on the back, since this can cause the tongue and throat muscles to collapse, and constrict airways and consequently cause snoring.

2. Use higher or thicker pillows.  If your head is on a higher surface, your neck is supported better and the throat less constricted. However if you slump down in bed when deeply asleep this will not work.

3. Nasal strips that help enlarge the nostrils from the outside can also help with snoring since they are able to ease breathing when one has an allergic reaction or an infection that causes nasal congestion and stuffiness.

4. Dissolving oral strips with a time release formula can also help ease snoring problems – the medication coats the back of the throat through the night and helps stop snoring since it reduces vibrations of the soft tissue.