Dieting? Don’t Cut Out Potatoes

Potatoes have long been something of a dietary villain, much reviled by those who want to lose weight. It is the high glycemic index of potatoes that is the reason why people on diets eschew the humble potato.

However, now, according to University of California researchers, you can include potatoes in your weight loss diet as well.

potatoesIn the study, the effect of including and omitting potatoes from the diet was examined and it was found that even the group who continued to have potatoes as part of their diet, lost weight. This study highlights two facts –

One that cutting out any particular foods or food groups from our diets is not advisable. Nutritionists and health experts have been saying this for a long time – in fact it is important to have as varied a diet as possible.

Secondly it is not potatoes per se, but the way in which potatoes are generally cooked that is the problem – deep fried, slathered in cream or butter is hardly the best way to eat potatoes – instead have them baked, grilled or boiled and you get the benefit of potatoes with none of high and fatty calories that potatoes are wrongly linked to.