Having Trouble Remembering? Eating Less Might Help

It has long been known that reducing the number of calories you eat will help you lose weight.

Now it has been found that older adults who reduce their caloric intake not only lose weight, but they have better memories as well.

Women, between ages 50 to 80, reduced their caloric intake by 30 percent. They gained 20 percent in their verbal memory scores at the end of the three month testing period. The women either had a normal weight or were slightly overweight, with an average body mass index of 28.

When the women reduced their caloric intake, their bodies produced less C-reactive protein, a chemical associated with inflammation. The women also showed increased sensitivity to the insulin their bodies naturally produced. Both of these factors are believed to improve brain function.

It is important, however, that older women not restrict their calories too much, particularly if they are already at a healthy weight. Lower caloric intake is associated with malnutrition, and an increased risk of falls and fractures. [low calorie diet]

If you are interested in reducing your caloric intake, seek the supervision of a qualified nutritionist or dietitian.