Community Clinics Could Be Key To New Health Care System

This article speaks about Somali immigrant Maryan Abdi, whose many visits to the emergency rooms at the Boston Hospital could not have been very pleasant. Now, however for her and others such as her a street health care center, such as the Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury will offer better options for her.

Here she would find interpreters to facilitate her dealings with the health care provider, explaining her ailment more effectively, have access to a van service and also reduce her waiting time.

There is the view that neighborhood health care centers such as Whittier could prove instructive to others in view of the national health overhaul.

The government is also expecting these community health care centers to double their capacity within 5 years and community health care centers will have to figure out how to absorb more people to treat. Failing this, many more people may end up in more expensive ERs.

It is people’s preference for a quick or instant fix that makes them head to the ER, for problems that could just be basic ailments but which cannot be addressed by the doctor who may well be overbooked.