Soda Consumption Linked To Pancreatic Cancer Risk

According to a new study, even those individuals who may be having only as few as two soft drinks a week may have nearly twice the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. This is among the deadlier kinds of cancer since it is often asymptomatic and difficult to detect.

The sugary drinks were found to double people’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer because the pancreas produces more insulin to balance the sugar levels in the blood.

“Insulin has been shown to promote the growth of most tissues including cancer cells, so that might be the mechanism if this is cause and effect,” Dr Mark Pereira was quoted as having said.

Fizzy, sugary drinks have long be a bad guy that promotes cavities in teeth, increases obesity, and has several other health issues due to high sugar and caffeine content. Now it would seem that there is one more reason to actually kick the habit.