Drink Up That Pint – It’s Good For You!

At last, the news beer drinkers the world over is waiting for: its official, Beer is good for you, says a new report!

When compared with other alcoholic beverages, beer is a good source of certain vitamins, fiber, minerals as well as antioxidants, while being of relatively lower calorific value.

It is claimed that beer is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks around, but it comes as rather less of a surprise that the report comes from the Beer Academy.

The spokesperson for the Beer Academy was quoted as having said that beer, when drunk sensibly and in moderation, can help to maintain a well balanced diet.

It has fiber and the kind of antioxidants that are readily absorbed by the body. Additionally it contains silicon that can help keep osteoporosis at bay.

The sociological and psychological benefits of drinking beer at a local pub with friends and the community feeling that it fosters is also mentioned in the report.

The report agitates against the perception that beer contains fat and chemicals, and stresses that in fact it is made from malted barley and hops.

There is also the stereotype of beer being somehow inferior to a less refined drink than wine is also what the study hopes to dispel.