Dieting Could Make You Irritable and Stressed

If being on a diet is something that makes you unhappy or irritable, then you are not alone – apparently all the effort involved in watching and controlling food intake can make a person aggressive.


A recent study found that if one had to exert the self control to make healthy food choices rather than the more tempting ones, this could result in people even changing their preference to movies.

For instance, choosing an apple over some sinful chocolate could mean that you want to watch a movie depicting violence, anger and revenge.

It has also been observed that adolescents who diet are more likely to display problematic behavior, and even harmful behaviors such as smoking have a positive correlation with those who are using some or other means to control weight And if one would take medical procedures like liposuction to slim down, there are some liposuction risks you have to worry and think about.

It has also been demonstrated that anxiety and depression can occur due to severe calorie restriction.

It is theorized that changes in the body’s neurotransmitters occur when there is such deprivation and a pleasure void may be created. This could result in a person preferring to spend time alone and in isolation.

Also bingeing can follow a period of dieting which is perceived as famine by the body. So for all of these reasons it is important to eat healthy and balanced meals and be wary of any diet that has severe calorie restrictions.