IQ – What Does Smoking Have To Do With It?

More than you may think, according to a recently published study, for researchers now claim that smoking is not only bad for your lungs it is also bad for your brain.

The fact that smoking is a dumb habit is beside the point; according to research smokers were seen to have lower IQs. And the more one smokes the lower their IQ, it was found.

A study was conducted in Israel, and data collected from 20 thousand health men. 28% of those examined were smokers, 3% had been smokers earlier and 68% were non smokers.

From this, the smokers were seen to have an average IQ of 94, 7 points lower than those who did not smoke whose IQ was 101 points.

The results ruled out socio economic factors that could be influencing factors in IQ.

What was interesting was that the study also looked at the IQ of twins: the non smoker was smarter than this smoker twin.

It was seen that those who have lower IQs are more likely to be addicted to smoking. They are also seen to be more likely to display tendencies to be obese, and have other issues such as abuse of narcotic substances, and nutritional problems.

Source: Telegraph