Drug To Prevent Alzheimer’s?

I don’t know about you but if there is one thing that I dread most about growing old is the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s and for all such as me, there are glad tidings. Now it would seem that a drug could extend life and even prevent Alzheimer’s.

Research is being conducted into a drug that could improve life quality later in life, and as of now results are positive; chances of the drug going on to clinical trials are high.

The experimental drug is called rapamycin and has been seen to extend the life of mice as well as arrest the impact of Alzheimer’s in the mice.

In the tests, mice with Alzheimer’s were observed to have improved learning and memory when they were tested for spatial memory and learning.

Less brain damage was observed which explains the improved memory and learning. It is being considered that Alzheimer’s could be blocked or delayed in the mice.

Currently Rapamycin is approved by the FDA for use in organ transplant patients, so that the donated organ is not rejected by the recipient’s body. And now this drug’s efficacy in terms of its ability to extend life and arrest the process of aging is being tested.

Source: Science Blog