What Is Factor V Leiden And How Does It Impact Your Life?

Factor V Leiden is a variant of the human factor V, which causes a disorder known as hypercoagulability or Thrombophilia, which is basically formation of blood clots that result in dangerous consequences.

This is the increase in the tendency of blood to clot, which, depending upon the size and location of the clot in the body can cause several complications, some life threatening.

Factor V Leiden is not a disease but a genetic condition or tendency that is inherited which results in the increased risk of the carrier of the gene to develop thrombosis.

The blood clots formed by this are usually confined to veins; however they do on occasion form in arteries as well.

There may often be no visible or perceptible symptoms from this condition, and it may only be detected when an actual blood clot forms, causing subsequent complications.

Sometimes this manifests itself in a woman being unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to repeated miscarriages. For those with Factor V Leiden, following the guidelines below can be very beneficial:

  • It is important to avoid standing still or being in one position for long periods of time. This is so that there is no reduction in blood circulation which may lead to the formation of a clot.
  • When traveling, it is particularly important to stay active; similarly those who work at sedentary desk jobs also need to take care that they are not immobile for long stretches of time.
  • Weight should be kept in check, since being overweight or obese increases risk of developing blood clots.
  • Smoking also increases this risk.
  • It is advisable for women to use methods of contraception other than the pill, which is known to increase risk of thrombosis.
  • Though this condition may not affect some women and their pregnancies at all; others may be very negatively impacted, so it is important to speak to one’s doctor if one is looking to get pregnant and knows that they have this condition. Special socks, and anti coagulant medication may be required to be prescribed.
  • Usually this condition can be kept in check with anti coagulant medication; however it may sometimes be necessary to remove the blood clots by surgery.

So as long as some basic precautions are followed, there is no reason why someone with Factor V Leiden cannot continue to live normal and fruitful lives. For further information about this condition, visit FVLeiden.org.