Eat Your Heart Out With Heart Healthy Recipes

A healthy heart is an investment. Good health actually begins with a healthy heart.

It is no surprise then that people who want to live longer and healthier begin by eating heart healthy recipes to ensure that their heart is always in good working condition.

Just because we are always conscious about fatty build ups in visible areas of our body like our thighs, tummy, and arms doesn’t mean we have to consider these areas first when choosing the right foods to eat. The hearts is still the most important organ of the body.

Today, you can easily look for heart healthy recipes. They are found in cookbooks, health magazines, and even online. They feature recipes from all over the world which are all designed to keep the heart strong and healthy.

One thing these heart healthy recipes have in common is the fact that they all use ingredients that are good for the heart.

Most common ingredients in heart healthy recipes

1. Fish

    Compared with other meat products out there, fish is more preferred in heart healthy recipes. They are rich in omega 3-fatty acids proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    They also prevent inflammation and blood clot. Tuna, salmon, and sardines are just some of the most common varieties of fish you have to eat at least three times a week.

    2. Fruits

      Heart healthy recipes are nothing without the inclusion of fresh fruits like apples, berries, oranges, mangoes, grapes, and bananas. Fruits contain soluble fibers which can lower bad cholesterol.

      They are also rich in vitamins that can boost the immune system. Moreover, they are packed with nutrients like lycopene, carotene, and phytochemicals that protect the heart from harmful ailments and fight the growth of cancer cells.

      3. Vegetables

        Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and spinach are good sources of vitamin E and folate. They provide the body with nutrients for healthier cells, better memory, and stronger immune system. They go well with heart healthy recipes like garden salads and soups.

        4. Nuts

          If you are fond of eating chips and candies, switch to nuts. Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios are just some of the nuts found in heart healthy recipes. They are rich in healthy oils, vitamin E, protein, and fiber.

          5. Legumes

            If meat is not an option, substitute with legumes like beans, peas, and lentils. They are excellent sources of protein and have lower fat content.

            6. Whole grains

              You can also find whole grains in heart healthy recipes. They contain fibers that naturally rid the body of harmful toxins. Further, they have less fat and packed with vitamins for a healthy heart.

              7. Olive oil

                Heart healthy recipes also include frying. However, you can’t just use any oil. Olive oil is the best choice since it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, phenols, vitamin E, carotenoids, carbolic acid, and chlorophyll. These nutrients are essential in lowering bad cholesterol level and fighting cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.