Fish Oil – Is It Really Good For You?

We have long heard the many and excellent virtues of fish oil being extolled and now apparently there is reason to doubt this claim.

According to a report, environmentalists have filed a suit contending that fish oil may not be so good for us after all.

The claim is that the PCBs and other toxins contain in fish oil supplements and that consumers are unaware of this. The consumers should be made aware of these contaminants contained in the fish oil.

The fish absorb environmental toxins and chemicals, and those same chemicals are extracted into the fish oil which is then sold as a health supplement. Since the supplement seeks to offer in concentrated form, the goodness of Omega 3 contained in fish oil, the toxins are also being concentrated, the plaintiffs are alleging.

The defendants claim that their product meets are industry standards and regulations and labeling meets the requirements of the law.

It does make sense to place some credence in what the plaintiffs say; we are often made aware of the possible dangers of having farmed fish; pregnant women are advised to eschew certain kinds because of their mercury content. So it is not unreasonable to look more closely at fish supplements; particularly if they claim to be good for you and they may actually not be so!

Source: myfoxdc