Third Hand Smoke – What’s That?

We had all heard about second hand smoke or passive smoking of course, which is the inhalation of secondhand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke, from tobacco products used by others, but now apparently there is third hand smoke as well.

Third hand smoke consists of the residue of cigarette smoke that gets left behind on floors, furniture surfaces, clothes etc. According to a new research, this may even pose a cancer risk: researchers are saying that nicotine released from cigarette burning can be absorbed into indoor surfaces such as floors, carpets, walls, curtains, furniture etc., and can linger there for days, weeks or even months.

Children in particular are said to be at particular risk from third hand smoke since they are the ones who touch surfaces, play on the ground etc.

Don’t go buying new carpets and drapes just yet if you’re a smoker though; there is no evidence to support any claims of dangers posed by third hand smoke as yet.