Knowing The Gene Baggage We Carry Can Prevent The Disease

There is no doubt; the modern researches in the fields of medicine and genetics confirmed that genes behind the family resemblance, character predisposition, and body and bone structure also carry the family illnesses.

So if some condition or disease “runs in the family”, there is no running from it. You are next.

Well, this is not entirely true. It is a fact there are a great deal of the predispositions, both good and bad, our parents carry passing them to us. And there are millions of examples all over the world where this has been confirmed.

Some kind of an allergy that one of the parents has is starting to appear at his child. Heart and blood pressure problems appear at the same age to the child as they did to their parents. It is all true. But it does not go by default. It does not mean that we are going to have the same condition and the same disease as our parents.

In some cases people do experience not in their lives the same conditions as their parents. This is for a fact yet there is no exact or particular reason why is this so. But also there are a number of things that anyone can do to protect himself from any of this happening to him.

Knowledge is power. If one is well informed about the history of diseases that run in the family then he will be very well aware of what may happen to him. Also gathering information on the conditions from the family disease list will also be of a great benefit.

Knowing the illness, the causes, the symptoms and the effects for it, would definitely make everyone prepared to recognize it, fight it and deal with it.

This also applies for the mental readiness, an individual and his organism will better fight a sickness if they are ready for it, if they know that it is coming.

Yet the best way to deal with this situation is to lead a healthy life. The secret of it is the preventive conduct. This starts with a good night sleep, and a solid and healthy nutrition. Then come the exercises.

Additional supplements like iron, other minerals and vitamins in the nutrition could also only do well. And last but not least are the specific preventive measures for the specific disease.