Why Use an Online Doctor Service

Let’s face it, getting to the doctor’s surgery is not always the easiest of tasks. Being able to book an appointment at a time that suits, and that isn’t three weeks away, plus taking time off work to get there, is not always possible. And when illness hits the last thing you want to do is have to wait for an answer.

The solution could lie in an online doctor service. With internet access and just a few minutes to spare you can contact a qualified GP and get advice fast. No more waiting rooms, no more being put on hold. Instead, you simply log on and explain your problem online. The health professionals on the other side can give expert advice quickly and without fuss. For quick questions, checks and common illnesses or conditions it could be the ideal way to get medical help.Online-Doctor-Service

So how do these services work?

An online doctor service can be provided by medical centres, hospitals and pharmacists for a quick and easy way for patients to access professional medical help. If you are thinking of using a service you should first check that it is registered with the Quality Care Commission, which gives you the peace of mind that you will get a confidential service and fast test results where applicable. You should also ensure that your computer or laptop has a good level of security and that your internet access is reliable so that you don’t get cut-off part way through your consultation.

Registration is usually required and you must have a valid UK address. The service itself is generally provided free, but if you are recommended any treatments or medication you will have to pay for these in the usual way.

Some online doctor services work via a questionnaire, where patients fill in their answers to a set of questions and then a doctor will get back to them with the recommended treatment. Others may offer a live chat service where you can have an online consultation with a medical practitioner.

However the individual systems work, online doctor sites are becoming a popular option for those who are unable to visit their local GP. For example, perhaps you need to update your vaccinations before travelling abroad. Or maybe you need advice on male baldness. You can find out what jabs you need and arrange to visit a pharmacist for the injections. Or you can learn more about the different propecia baldness treatments available and which is likely to be best for you.

Next time you have a minor illness or simply want some advice on men’s health, vaccinations and immunisations, medication options or contraception, try an online doctor service. Of course, if you have severe symptoms or a medical condition that requires immediate attention you should always head to your GP or use the emergency phone numbers for assistance. But for little niggles, aches and pains and general advice on medication an online doctor could be the answer.