Home Remedies For A Sore Throat

A sore throat is a common ailment that may range from the irritating to severe.

The most severe throat infections would of course require antibiotics, however regular sore throats are not something that most of us will rush to the doctor for.

Most of us may take a Tylenol or an aspirin to help soothe the scratchy irritation in the throat and the pain or to get rid of any fever that we may have; however this may not be the best thing for it.

In fact taking a pain reliever or an anti pyretic is actually contraindicative because it causes the fever to subside.

When the fever, which is the body’s reaction and attempt to kill an infection, subsides; it will likely slow down your recovery. What is better, in fact is to use some home remedies to soothe the sore throat:

Vitamin C: This is the vitamin that is known to sooth coughs and colds and which also lessens the severity of infection. Vitamin C also acts as a natural anti histamine which soothes the symptoms of your sore throat. So up your intake of fruit, which are rich in vitamin C, or other sources of the vitamin. You can even suck a vitamin C tablet which comes in different flavors.

Lozenges: Lozenges will relieve your throat to a considerable extent, soothing the scratchy feeling and lessening the pain. Lozenges rich in zinc are thought to be beneficial for a sore throat.

Rest: Give your throat a rest, and learn to communicate economically. Avoid the yelling and shouting for a few days; it will give your throat a rest and speed up your recovery.

Salt water gargles: Warm water to a temperature that you are comfortable with; you should be able to grip your glass comfortably. Add a large pinch of salt, so that the water is saltier than tears and then gargle with it. The salt will not only soothe the infection, the warm water will relieve the pain.

Yoghurt: Unsweetened yoghurt with a live culture is a good way to get healthy bacteria inside you, which will help fight the infection.

Humidifier: Throat infections are generally soothed by a moist environment. So using a vaporizer or a humidifier will help greatly.

Exercise: Moderate exercise will boost your circulation and the body’s immune system, which will help you overcome your sore throat faster.