How Common Fitness Myths Can Benefit You?

Sports Drinks Can Keep You Healthy

During a hard workout drinking sports drink can help to replace the electrolytes and nutrients your body needs.

Often athletes use sports drinks in order to rehydrate themselves after practice.

If you are only doing the average exercise program you don’t need to drink sports drinks before every single exercise routine to have good health.

Typically you will only need a sports drink after a workout that lasts three or more hours such as marathons, triathlons or other hard exercises.

If you only drink water during these hard workouts a condition known as hyponatremia can happen which is a low blood sodium concentration. If your exercise is only thirty minutes to an hour then you should do just fine with drinking water.

Lose Weight through Fat Burning Foods

While you will likely find a list of foods online that claim to burn fat the fact is that there is no food that can burn fat on its own. Many marketers are just playing on the fad that foods can burn fat.

The only reason why a food may be considered fat burning (Fat burners) is because it is low in calories or can help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time.

However, there is only one real way to lose weight and this is through regular diet and exercise. The amount of calories you take in must match the calories you burn.

Carbs Can Make You Fat

In order to understand this myth you need to remember what actually causes you to gain weight. This goes back to the calories in/calories out idea. If you take in more food than your body burns it will be stored as fat.

Therefore, any type of food you eat can be stored in the form of body fat if you aren’t getting rid of the excess calories through exercise. While complex carbohydrates like pasta and bread can be eaten they should be consumed in moderation.

Foods like pasta and bread have dense calories and a high Glycemic index which means they will affect your blood glucose levels. So if you need to eat these types of carbs then you should do so only in moderation.

Only eat these types of foods before your exercise routine in order to help increase your energy levels.

Lifting Weights Isn’t As Good As Aerobic Exercise

While aerobic workouts will burn fat they aren’t really better than lifting weights. In order to effectively lose weight you need to combine both aerobic and strength training exercises.

In order to have success you need to know how both of these exercise types help you to burn fat.

With aerobic exercise, you will burn more fat while exercising, but the moment you stop so does the fat burning. When it comes to lifting weights your muscles continue to burn fat even after you finish your workout. This is why you need to use both types of exercises in order to maintain weight loss results.

Eating Late Results in Fat

Not eating after eight at night is a very common myth and one that many are starting to believe.

Basically this myth supports the idea that if you eat after eight at night the food will simply turn into body fat.

However, the truth is that your metabolism doesn’t just shut down at night. Your metabolism doesn’t really care what time it is. During the night your body still requires fuel in order to repair and if you are going to work out in the evening it is even more important to eat after eight.

Although if you are going to eat after eight in the evening it is important that you eat healthier foods such as lean proteins, good fats and vegetables. Eating later at night isn’t bad, in fact it is important if you are going to work out, just make sure it is a healthy meal.

Morning Is the Best Time to Exercise

No time of the day is ideal for exercise. Rather the best time to exercise is simply the time of day that fits into your schedule best. Many people are under the misconception that waking up early in the morning and exercising gives you additional benefits.

While some prefer to exercise in the morning there are also those that want to end their day with a good workout to get rid of stress. No matter what it is important, you do what works for you. Simply having an exercise routine can help increase your overall well being.