Serious Health Concerns That Cause Fatigue

Fatigue can occur due to many reasons from lack of enough sleep to improper exercise.

But, at times, fatigue can signal you serious health concerns. Some of the most dangerous causes for fatigue include:

  1. Cancer: People with some or other forms of cancer can encounter severe fatigue. However, regular health checkups and screenings for cancer can help you to identify the condition in early stage and have chances for better life.
  2. Diabetes: Extreme Fatigue is most common warning sign of high blood sugar level or diabetes. So, whenever you are experiencing extreme fatigue frequently, get diabetes tests and detect the condition in early stages.
  3. Sleep apnea: Lack of good night sleep or certain other sleep disorders like sleep apnea is most common reason for extreme fatigue. Apart from fatigue, certain other signs of this particular sleep disorder include frequent awakening from sleep and pauses between breaths.
  4. Depression: Because of depression you can experience number of symptoms like loss of appetite, lack of interest in pleasure things and also difficulty sleeping. As a result of these signs, you can certainly encounter extreme fatigue.
  5. Hypothyroidism: Under active thyroid gland mainly leads to slow metabolism of immune system, as a result you can experience extreme fatigue.

Apart from these health concerns, anemia, un-diagnosed urinary tract infections, over intake of caffeine, heart disease and food allergies can trigger extreme fatigue.