How Urinary Tract Infections Occur?

Are you one among those million people suffering with urinary tract infections (UTI’s)? It has been estimated that millions of people are confirmed with urinary tract infections every year.

Infections to urinary system are the second most common type of infection affecting many people, particularly women, around the world.

Whenever any infection causing germs enter into your urinary tract, they can potentially cause urinary tract infections.

Most of the urinary tract infections are considered as bladder infections.

Usually, these bladder infections are not dangerous and if you get appropriate treatment at right time, then it is quite easy for you to get rid of it.

But, if urinary tract infections mainly infect your kidneys, then it becomes very serious health condition for you and causes permanent damage to your kidneys (Kidney failure).

In general, when infection causing germs enter into your urethra, they reside in your large intestine and are usually seen in stool.

If these germs enter into urethra, they will possibly enter into your kidneys and bladder and causes infection in these particular organs.

Women are more prone to urinary tract infections!

It is believed that women are more prone to develop urinary tract infections than men. This is mainly due to the reason that the urethra present in women is much shorter and hence it is easy for infectious germs to enter into urethra and gradually continue their journey to kidneys and bladder.

If your body doesn’t receive sufficient amounts of fluids, then you can possibly develop urinary tract infections at any time in your entire course of life.

Particularly, when you are pregnant or if you have diabetes, then you can possibly develop urinary tract infections.

If you have any problem with your urethra tube that blocks the flow of urine unusually, then you can have more chances to develop bladder or kidney infections.

Some of you can repeatedly experience these urinary tract infections again and again. But, the exact reason for this to happen is still unknown.

Factors responsible to increase the risk of UTIs in older adults!

There are certain factors that possibly make older adults to develop urinary tract infections. Some of these can mainly include:

  1. Medications that you use to treat gastrointestinal problems. Several other medications that you use to treat other abnormal health conditions can possibly cause complete inability to urinate or difficulty in urination process.
  2. Sudden drop of bladder from its original position (bladder prolapse)can also result in urinary tract infections.
  3. If you have reduced ability to control urination or bowel movements, you can have chance to develop infection causing bacteria in your urinary tract.

So, be aware with all these conditions. If you have any of the above conditions, take proper precautionary steps to avoid urinary tract infections and its associated health complications.