Effective Remedies To Ease Pain And Discomfort Caused By Stomatitis

Are you suffering with severe pain in the mouth while having meals? Did you notice any ulcer in your mouth? Inflammation in the lining of the mucous membrane or any structure of the mouth mainly results in stomatitis.

It mainly involves your cheeks, lips, gums, tongue and also roof and floor of your mouth.

Stomatitis is mainly caused by the conditions of your mouth itself.

When you have poorly fitted dentures, follow poor oral hygiene, mouth burns that are caused because of consuming extremely hot foods and drinks, the lining of your mouth damages and results in stomatitis.

At times, certain other body conditions such as presence of infectious bacteria, intake of certain medications, various allergic reactions, damages the lining of your mouth.

Stomatitis is usually associated with redness and swelling in the affected areas of your mouth. At times, you can also experience bleeding from the affected areas and it can turn into quite painful condition for you.

With stomatitis, you can face lot of discomfort while having meals and also feel difficulty and irritability while talking. In very rare cases, people with inflammation in the lining of their mouth, suffers with mild fever and constipation.

So, to avoid such kind of discomfort, consider appropriate treatment options. Several effective remedies are available to treat stomatitis. Some of them are listed here:

  • Onions mainly contains sulfur and has many inflammation healing properties. So, try to eat plenty of salads with raw onions.
  • Use toothpastes that contain sodium bi-carbonate, instead of other standard toothpastes that contains high concentrations of fluorides and other chemicals.
  • Take 1tablespoon finely powdered, Indian goose berry root bark and mix it with honey. Apply this paste to affected areas of your mouth frequently. This can help you to get better relief from the pain and also help in the healing process of stomatitis.
  • Take 1tsp of each salt and baking soda and add these two ingredients in a glass of warm water. Now, use this solution as a mouthwash and wash your mouth with this solution for every 2 to 3 hours to keep your mouth as clean as possible.
  • Take 1tsp of lemon juice before having meals to correct the functioning of the stomach and also to heal stomatitis faster. Gargling with lemon and warm water solution several times in a day also helps you to get better relief from the pain and discomfort caused by stomatitis.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene in your regular routine. This can help you significantly in the treatment of stomatitis. Brush your teeth properly with good tooth brush and toothpaste. If necessary, consult your regular health care provider and take multi-vitamin tablets that help you to fight against various infections present in your body.

These are only some of the most effective ways to cure inflammation in the mouth. Consult any experienced health care provider and know more about other effective methods to cure stomatitis in much effective way.