Simple Tips To Control Asthma And Allergy

Didn’t get cure from medications, exercises, and diet plan? Here are some simple guidelines to control your asthma and allergy.

Asthma guidelines to control the symptoms:

Work out what triggers your condition:

Number of allergens and irritants can make your asthma and allergy symptoms worse and can cause difficulty breathing and tightness of the chest.

Maintaining a journal is very important to help you to work out what triggers your asthma and allergy.

You already know that what an asthma journal consists of. You can easily link together specific activities or locations that trigger your asthma and from this you can make a list of potential allergens and irritants that trigger your asthma and allergy.

For example, going to the park can worsen your asthma and allergy symptoms. This means any plant agent is responsible for your attack. Sitting on a garden bench near your plants can also affect your breathing. So, work out what plants or flowers are common in both the locations and avoid them. This is one of the most helpful asthma guidelines.

Some asthmatics don’t have specific allergen or irritant that triggers their condition. Some allergens are most common than others, among which dust mites are the most common ones. Vacuuming every day can prevent your asthma and allergy symptoms for some extent. If your problem is due to dust mites, then you can easily overcome from it by keeping the dust mites under control.

Know your limits:

If you have mild asthma and allergy symptoms, you can be able to exercise and start strenuous activities without any problem. For those who have severe symptoms, simply walking up-hill or up a flight of stair will cause their breathing to become heavy. So, every individual has different physical capabilities and you should know your limits.

If your asthma and allergy symptoms become worse with exercise and physical activity, it is better to find a type of exercise that is not very much aerobic and does not cause a drastic increase in your breathing rate.

Light swim, gentle bike ride or just simple walk in the park is an effortless activity which you can do safely. Walk for 20 minutes each day. Keep your lungs as fit as possible without irritating your lungs. Work out on what you can and cannot tolerate and what activities are right for you.

If you can’t do any physical activities because of any attack like cold, flu or overweight and you are in the process of dieting then you can follow the activities like yoga, Pilates and some other muscle toning therapies. These are very helpful asthma guidelines to keep you in condition without annoying your state.

Don’t ignore your asthma and allergy attacks:

The sooner you realize your asthma and allergy attacks, the sooner you will learn to cope with it. Don’t ignore the condition and take immediate treatment, otherwise there is a greater chance to die because of the disease. Only in America, each year 5000 people die because of poor asthma management.

Using an inhaler can give you some relief. Day-by-day asthma becomes more serious and refusing to treat the condition while it is mild can make it more severe. Always keep the inhaler with you.

The earlier you realize your condition, the sooner you will think of it as a part of your life and make small changes to help you cope. The above asthma guidelines will greatly help you.

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