Information On Asthma Characteristics

It is very difficult to understand all the information on asthma, because it is a complex disease and we cannot prevent it.

But, there are three main characteristics of the disease. They include:

  • Airway inflammation
  • Hyper-responsiveness
  • Obstruction of the airways due to constriction of the bronchiole muscle layer

Information on asthma! Airway obstruction and hyper-responsive are the known cause of asthma for several years, but airway inflammation has been recently recognized as the third cause of asthma.

Most of the causes of asthma are allergen related. If your child is introduced to indoor or occupational allergens, or respiratory viral infections at an early age then he/she may become sensitized to these allergens.

As they grow up and become adults, this sensitization remains with them but at a greater level. It means that whenever your child comes into contact with the allergen to which he/she is sensitive, an allergic reaction occurs.

Your immune system can be stimulated by every allergic reaction and again it causes an inflammatory reaction. According to the information on asthma, an allergic reaction to specific allergen like pollen introduces a complex reaction, thus causing millions of T-lymphocytes and macrophages through the affected tissues and producing inflammation.

Whenever you inhale the pollen, it travels through the bronchioles and smaller bronchi before it reaches the lungs. If a person is sensitive to pollen, the cells that line the bronchi will have receptors on the outside which are stimulated when they come into contact with pollen grains.

After the stimulation of receptors, they send signals to the brain which in turn stimulates the immune system. Immediately millions of white blood cells run to destroy the pollen grains. Usually this is a very useful response and it is not as useful in the bronchi as the inflammatory process.

The whole process can happen within seconds after inhaling an allergen. The extent of response depends on the amount of allergen you breathe in and the sensitivity of the cells of the bronchi to the allergen.

The sensitivity increases with every new inflammatory episode. According to the information on asthma, when you suffer more severely with your asthmatic condition, you require stronger medications to reverse the inflammatory response.

Information on asthma told that, there are a small fraction of people with asthma that are not allergic to any of the common airborne allergens and their asthma is triggered by indirect stimuli, such as food allergies, cold air and exercise.

Food allergies can trigger inflammatory response. Even the small amount of allergen will cause the immune system to overreact. Other than asthma symptoms, your skin, nose and eyes may also be affected and produces an allergic reaction.

Exercise-induced asthma and asthma due to inhalation of cold air affects the muscle layer within the bronchioles and causes it to constrict more than usual level. Still, the exact cause for this is not determined. You can take medications to avoid the contraction and thus allowing normal breathing. So, the information on asthma to discuss never ends.

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