Explain your Allergies And Asthma symptoms To Others For Getting Help

It is very important to explain your “allergies and asthma” to the people in your life and tell them what to expect in the event of an asthmatic episode.

Don’t be panic during an attack and most of you will neglect the condition and become panic when they experience the first attack.

While explaining what will happen during allergies and asthma episodes, you should try not to worry your listeners.

Especially, you should be careful in the case of youngsters. Let them know that most of the allergies and asthma episodes are somewhat mild and your normal inhaler medication will quickly reverse the effect.

Also warn them that occasionally allergies and asthma attacks may be worse. If you have cold or flu like symptoms or some kind of allergic reaction, it may worse your condition. In most of the severe cases you can get relief by using a nebulizer or you can visit your doctor for specific treatment. Try to make aware the people around you, such as your close family and friends about the conditions and proper treatment options.

Also let them know about the medications and where to find those and how to get in touch with the doctor and hospital. You must tell them that don’t be panic while you are suffering and also keep the people around the vicinity calm.

In the case of strangers, wear a medical bracelet or neck chain that can be seen in the plain view. These kinds of bracelets and neck chains contain information about your condition like allergies and asthma and also what help to do in the case of an attack.

Most of the times asthmatics think that they don’t need any help and they can handle the attack by themselves. Even in these cases also, you should keep someone with you to help with what to do and what help you need if the condition gets worse.

It is better to inform a neighbor or a friend living in the neighborhood about your allergies and asthma episodes. So, you won’t be panic at the time of asthma attack and you have the feeling of someone is there to call in the event of emergency.

Once after having the diagnosis most of you think that you can cope with your condition without anyone else knowing about it. Some of you feel embarrassed to use the inhaler in front of others.

This approach only works for a small number. The majority of sufferers find out that containing emotional support and knowing that there is someone available who knows how to help really eases their worry and gives them confidence to cope better with their condition.

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