Exercise And Stay In Shape To Control Asthma Allergies

Asthma allergies are mainly a condition that affects your lungs, throat and sometimes nose, so any strenuous exercise or physical activity raise your heart rate and breathing rate.

These conditions can make you to suffer from most chronic symptoms of asthma allergies, such as chest congestion and difficulty breathing.

Due to the above mentioned causes, you need to find out your own personal limitations regarding how much physical exercise you can tolerate. You must start off gently doing the exercise.

It is better to begin a gentle walk on a fine day other than any exercise in the cold air. It does more harm than good. Other than this you can either walk further and for longer time or you can walk faster so that your heart rate will be increased gradually.

If you have mild asthma allergies then you can prefer jogging or swimming on alternate days rather than simply walking. You can increase your workout time day-by-day until you feel that your breathing is at comfortable level.

Practicing physical activity daily for some amount of time is very important to keep your lungs in the best possible shape. Though your airways are affected by allergens and other irritants and you require medicines to continue them working properly, your lungs need to be kept in other ways.

By practicing this for some amount of time you can find that your asthma allergies are under control and your lungs grow stronger. From this situation onwards you are able to do things that you couldn’t originally do.

Here are the activities that an asthmatic can do:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Slow jogging
  • Light aerobic exercises
  • Some simple stretching exercise

Before starting any of the above mentioned exercises you should consult your doctor and take things easy until you discover your limits. If you won’t find any use after practicing exercises for some sessions then you can try for some other activities that will help to strengthen your lungs and the related muscles without any strain.

Here are the alternatives to physical activities:

  • Yoga is a best alternative which not only maintains your muscle tone but also teaches you how to breathe properly, how to relax your muscles and forget your worries and concerns. Stress and tension are the main triggers in some patients with asthma allergies. This condition can also be cured with proper yoga practice.
  • The other alternative is breathing exercises. These greatly help to strengthen your lungs and the airways that lead to the lungs. Working with some specific exercises each day will help to condition your lungs and prepare them for physical activity. The more you practice these exercises the stronger your lungs will become.

These alternatives makes easier to practice the physical activities and finally relief from your asthma allergies. If you don’t prefer to do the formal exercises then you can try something else like playing with your children and walking with your dog.

Exercise and physical activity can also make you feel better of yourself and more confident and makes easier to cope from your asthma allergies. So, exercise is vital for everyone, especially for asthmatics.

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