Asthma Trigger That Worse Your Condition

There are many asthma triggers that affect your condition.

Your asthma trigger may not be the same for others. So, it is very essential that asthma sufferer need to find out the allergens and irritants that cause an asthma attack.

The main childhood asthma triggers are the allergens in the air such as dust mites, pollen and cigarette smoke.

Asthma due to air allergens will affect you for lifelong. Actually, the most common asthma trigger all over the world is an allergen contained in the fecal matter of house dust mites.

Despite of how clean your house is there is a possibility that dust mites still remain. The other most common allergen of asthma is pet’s fur. But, you can minimize this by maintaining clean house.

The trigger of late on-set asthma can be found as occupational, means it is found in the workplace. You can have allergic reaction when you come in contact with that allergen.

Some of the asthma triggers which cause occupational asthma include:

  • Isocyanates and colophony fumes chemicals which are found in varnishes, spray pain, industrial coatings, solder and in electronic industry
  • The allergens from animals, insects and antibiotics which are used in laboratories and on large farms
  • Allergens which come from flour and grain. They can be used in large quantities by bakers, millers, catering business and farmers.
  • Latex is a rubber, which you can found in gloves. You will observe these rubber gloves worn by doctors, nurses and health workers.

The asthma trigger can also cause viral infection such as Rhinovirus or the Para influenza virus. These infections can trigger undiagnosed asthma in adult.

An asthma trigger can be also a non-specific factor. Whenever you come to know that you have asthma, you should avoid these factors.

Atmospheric pollutants: The very difficult factor to avoid in today’s world is pollution in the atmosphere. In some places we can avoid the high concentration of potential irritants such as perfume shops as strong aromas can cause bronchiole reactions, gas stations and cigarette smoke in bar and clubs.

Cold air and exercise: During exercising you won’t experience any asthmatic situations, but you can have wheezing and difficult breathing after prolonged exercise. These conditions are due to the cold and dry air which you are inhaled during exercise. This cold air causes the lining of the bronchioles to dry out and causes the release of histamines from specialized cells. This histamine typically causes wheezing when you stop doing exercise and when lungs cool down.

Drugs: Some of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin can be the asthma trigger in approximately 5% of people with asthma.

There are many other asthma triggers depending on individual condition. The most important thing here is, you need to find what situations, allergens, and irritants trigger your asthmatic condition, so that you can take some preventing steps.

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