Top 8 ways – Your personality traits affect your body weight

Have you ever wondered why your weight would not budge no matter how you religiously follow the rules of the diet? Your food personality might be the culprit behind your weight plateau. So let’s examine how food personality affects your weight loss goals.

There are many studies and researchers which have conducted to see what is the relationship between the body weight and personality traits.

Top 8 ways- Your personality traits affect your body weight

  1.  Early wake up

Waking up early in the morning and going to bed early is the best way to control your body weight. People who do this are leaner than the people who go to bed late night. So, if you want to reduce weight sleep early and wake up early.

  1.   Impulsiveness

Impulsiveness is bad for you. Personality characteristic at this stage person tends to take wrong decisions.  Impulsive people are characteristic to their habits and food choices and they are the one who suffers from weight issues.

3. Quality of Sleep

Many young people do not sleep at night in order to do some fun activities like watching TV, playing games, sticking with mobile phones, and other activities. If you are very busy or want to present an assignment or if you have a presentation it is acceptable, but not all the time. Because all the night activity can lead to unnecessary weight gain and fat accumulation.

4. Stress taker

If you are very serious and take every situation as stress and pain, then you are one who is giving your body continues to stress and this leads to weight issues and obesity issues. So, always try to be happy go lucky, which will not affect your body and your brain. There are many studies have proved that people who take more stress are not successful in achieving their weight goals.

5. People-pleaser vs. self-pleaser

The People with personality traits, pleasing others or self-pleasers are more prone to chances of encountering weight problems. Because these people are the one who will ignore their own needs and they do not know what to eat and what not to eat.Self-centered people are the one who concentrates on themselves and treats them with good healthy food and that is the reason they remain leaner and healthier.

6. An introvert vs. an extrovert

The two kinds of personalities one is an introvert who is shy and they take more time to get mingle up with new people. And extrovert people are likes socializing. Studies tell those introverts are leaner and healthy than extrovert people.

7. Party lovers and givers

Many people like giving a party to others and some like receiving parties than giving. They two come under a different category. People who throw or attend parties are more of sedentary lifestyles who develop bad food habits. Many people prefer staying at home and habituated with homemade foods they are much healthier, happier and leaner than these two types of personalities.

8. The extremists
Extreme mood-swings like too happy and too sad are harmful. Because they tend to ignore their health and this result in unhealthy weight.