5 Common Questions About the Seasonal Flu Answered

The seasonal flu is something that strikes many of us each year and here are some commonly asked questions about the flu and their answers –

How does the flu spread? When a flu sufferer sneezes or coughs, tiny specks of their saliva carry the virus to others. It can also spread by touch – for instance, a flu sufferer touching a door knob will deposit the virus there, and the subsequent person touching it, will spread the virus to himself.

How soon does one get ill with the flu? The symptoms usually manifest about two days after being exposed to the flu virus. However even before the symptoms can be seen, the person is able to pass on the flu infection to others.

What should one do after being infected? Avoid contact with others, for about a week. However children can remain infectious for longer.

Can one die from the flu? The risk of dying is a low proportion given the number of people who get the flu each year, but with complications, people can die from the flu.

What is the likelihood of getting flu? One in 500 people get the flu each year, however when there is an epidemic, this rate rises considerably.