Have A Weekend Lie-In, It’s Good For Health!

Here is good news folks, we no longer have to feel guilty about that illicit lie-in over the weekends, sleeping in on the weekends is actually good for health say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania.

Typically the week gone past has been harried, with hard work, short hours of sleep and insufficient rest and recovery time for the brain and the body.

However, the ill effects of that sleep deficit created during the working week can be wiped out by getting extra rest over the weekend, it is now found.

A single lie in over the weekend is actually good enough to wipe out that sleep deficit that has accumulated over the week days. This can redress the balance by increasing attention span and alertness, and replenishing the brain and boosting energy levels.

However, if the sleep deficit is quite sharp, that is you have been burning the candle consistently over the week then even 10 hours of sleep over the weekend may not be enough to redress the deficit. Researchers also warned against excessive weekend partying that could compromise a person’s performance in the working week to come.

The bottom line, according to the researchers is that adequate recovery is important for coping with the effects of chronic sleep restriction on the brain.