Eating Butter – For Better Or For Worse?

Butter has been a much maligned villain in our kitchens for decades now. We were cautioned and warned against butter – told that it would lead to obesity and lead to heart disease and other problems.

We were urged to switch to ‘healthier’ alternatives such as margarine with a result that butter consumption has come down very significantly.

So, did the rate of heart disease also come down? No, it actually increased over that time period.

This is because the ‘healthy’ alternatives to butter are actually worse for health.

Many contain Trans fats and even if they don’t, they are highly refined, contain additives, preservative, artificial coloring etc.

Research has shown us that butter consumed in moderation is actually not bad for us as it contains a number of vital nutrients which actually promote good heart health.

Butter contains nutrients such as Vitamin E and A, selenium, and antioxidants in an easily absorbable form. Butter can even help to boost immunity and boost the body’s cancer fighting abilities.

Butter can help improve thyroid function, prevent tooth disease, promote bone growth in children and help with digestion too.

If you want to make sure that butter is in fact better for you, you could switch to organic butter, which is devoid of growth hormones, pesticides and other chemicals.