Is Your Name Colin? You Are More Likely To Have High Blood Pressure

Put that way, it may sound idiotic, but some unique research recently carried out has seen that some names are more closely associated with certain health problems. While men named Colin may have the highest likelihood of having a heart attack, men called Daniel have the lowest!

Among women, if you are an Emily, you are more likely to be healthy, while those named Margret among us are less likely to be so. There are several reasons why certain names, more than others are seen to be at risk.

  • Certain names are more popular among some social strata; for instance some names are more popular with blue collar workers, which impacts health risk. Daniel is a middle class name and the incidence of certain health problems in these strata of society is lower.
  • Certain geographical areas have higher prevalence of certain health issues. Colin is a name very popular in Scotland, where there is a higher incidence of heart disease
  • Then there are some names are more commonly seen among certain age groups. There was a time when the names Keith and Maureen were very popular. Many people with those names may be of certain advanced age, which explains their propensity to certain health problems.