Sleep Disorders You Never Knew About

The complexity of the human brain is a source for constant amazement, and the amount of things that can go wrong with that most wonderful of organs is our brain.

Sleep disorders can come in all shapes and sizes, some well known; others frankly bizarre:

  • Sleepwalking when a person walks with their eyes open but is actually sleeping.
  • Bedwetting is a problem some have since infancy. Others relapse in adulthood.
  • Night Terrors are when one awakens suddenly from deep sleep, disoriented, petrified and incoherent.
  • Sleep paralysis is the feeling of inability to move when awakening or falling asleep. Underlying causes could be inadequate rest or narcolepsy.
  • Sleep hallucinations is defined as believing that something that is not present can be seen, felt, smelled. Feelings of dread accompany this.
  • Sleep Dissociative disorder causes people to forget who they are, take on other identities or even get violent and may be seen in sufferers of abuse.
  • Those who have sleep eating disorder could be asleep and still eat from the fridge and even cook themselves a meal.
  • Strange behaviors while asleep may include hyper arousal, masturbation, fondling, and even sexual assault. This is known as sexonomia.

Source: Chicago Tribune