Cosmetic Surgery Might Ease Migraine Pain

Migraine problem is a debilitating pain that affects about 10% of overall population. Fortunately, now there is an effective technique to ward off those debilitating symptoms.

According to recent report it was concluded that cosmetic surgery could help in relieving the symptoms of frequent and unbearable migraine headaches.

Symptoms of migraine headache are quite unbearable and no one knows that better than Theresa Schenk, one of many unfortunate migraine sufferers.

“I had the migraine syndrome for 20 years, and it really did own my life,” Schenk, 62, said. “It was depressing, it was debilitating; it was something of a nightmare.”

For two decades, no drug or treatment could help make the pain go away for the Willoughby, Ohio woman. And Schenk is far from alone; for many with migraines, standard treatment just doesn’t work.

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