Vitamin D Could Prevent Infection, Heart Disease And Even Cancer

In the last twelve months there has been an array of research carried out by various bodies that are all indicating the same thing, which is that vitamin D can not only assist in overcoming infection but it also provides protection from heart diseases and certain cancers.

In Canada, and many other countries researchers are thinking along similar lines, the Canadian Cancer Society is recommending that all citizens have an intake of one thousand units of vitamin D especially in the fall and winter period.

The Framingham Heart Study is renowned and has studied the lives of thousands of Bostonians since the nineteen fifties. These are average, everyday men and women, just getting on with the daily grind and are recognized as a good sample for any data produced.

Cardiologist James O’Keefe from the Kansas City’s Mid America Heart Institute appreciates that the deficiency vitamin D is becoming a factor in the risk assessment for cardiovascular disease.

Therefore it needs to be considered when screening and treating the problem especially, as vitamin d supplements are both, perfectly safe and readily available.

Unlike all the potential promise of other vitamins, like C and E that could never be backed up scientifically with vitamin D already the story is very different. Hard evidence proves that a deficiency leads to greater health risks and the solution is an easy one.

Lead researcher John White although cautious, believes that the lack of vitamin D in the general population of regions with a moderate climate lacking in sunshine is very relevant. He admits that clinical trials are not the whole picture but the link to heart disease is now hard to ignore.