Men Taking Better Care But Still 40% More Likely To Die Of Cancer

Metro sexual is a common phrase that is becoming even more common with the American public as young and old men are much more concerned about their overall appearance than in the past.

However, according to a new survey by the British Government for Men’s Health Week, this additional touch of vanity may not be a bad thing as it may help men take better care of their appearance as they grow more fearful of growing fat possibly also influencing them to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume.

This is a piece of good news given that the survey results were collected and analyzed after another disturbing report was released that stated men are more likely to develop cancer than women by a factor of 16%. Even worse, men who are diagnosed with cancer are 40% more likely to die from its effects in comparison to women.

Professor David Forman, a researcher with the National Cancer Intelligence Network stated that there is no biological reason that points to why men have an increased risk of death associated to cancer which leads the report analyzers to attribute it to the common male tendency to avoid the doctor and resist following instructions for their own health that do not fit into their comfortable lifestyle.

The survey which included 2,000 adult drinkers also concluded that 27% of the drinkers were concerned about getting a beer belly which according to the President of the Men’s Health Forum, Dr. Ian Banks may not be a bad thing.

He commented that while an occasional drink is fine, men should be aware that binge drinking or even drinking more than three or four drinks a day can increase the risk of cancer, stroke, liver disease, and heart disease significantly.