Teens “Smoking” Candy Can Be Dangerous

A worrying trend has been recently noticed; young people have been on crushing candy sweets, like Smarties and inhaling them. Am I the only one who thinks that vaporizing weed is way safer than this “smoking candy” trend?

All because they want to look cool and pretend that, they are smoking.

The online stage that is YouTube, has seen increasing numbers of teenagers displaying to others how it is done. Medical experts are alarmed at this new fad and are concerned about side effects that could occur.

Adolescents are sucking the sugared candy through their mouth and then blowing it out again as a shower of dust. School nurses, like Corinne McGrew, are worried that someone might choke by swallowing a wrapper or a whole sweet by accident.

Although it isn’t actually teen smoking, doctors fear that infections and extreme coughing could be the result. It seems it has caught on very quickly and is happening in every school in the United States.

American youths have a range of compressed sugar powdered sweets to choose from Conversation Hearts to SweeTarts.Candy. Some like Lik-M-Aid are even more suitable because it comes pre-crushed, as do others. Manufacturers are acting quickly to distance their own brand from any possible consequences.

A smoker’s type cough has already been noticed, in individuals over indulging in this strange habit. The worse thing that could happen as well as infections is the not unknown instance of maggots entering the nose and feeding off the sugar.

Maybe this horrible fact alone just might become the thought that will see kids across the country getting back to eating their candy.