Fibromyalgia Exercises To Get Relief From Muscle And Joint Pains!

Do you have fibromyalgia? The best thing you can do to get relief from fibromyalgia is exercises.

Fibromyalgia exercises can help you a lot in giving relief from the muscle and joint pains caused due to fibromyalgia [Treating fibromyalgia symptoms].

Fibromyalgia not only results in severe muscle and joint pains, but it is also responsible for poor sleep, stiffness or muscle aches and also causes headache.

Excess stress and lack of good sleep can make the symptoms of the disorder more worse.

Fibromyalgia exercise can be very helpful to get relief from the pain of muscle and joints. Some of the exercises for fibromyalgia include walking, jogging and also bicycling.


It can be a better fibromyalgia exercise for you if you do it regularly. Don’t try to walk for more time from day one itself. Start walking slowly for five minutes on the first day and the next day add a minute to this total. Keep adding a minute or two daily, until you walk for 60 minutes in a day.

When you reach this point, walk for an hour daily for at least three times in a week. If you are not comfortable to walk for 60 minutes in a day, then go back to your length of time which is most comfortable for you and maintain the same length of time for walking to certain number of days. After certain days, again keep on increasing the minutes till you reach the goal of 60 minutes.

With this kind of fibromyalgia exercise, you might not be able to feel comfortable initially when you start. But, once you get habituated towards the exercise, it can help you in giving a better relief from the problem.


When you feel comfortable with walking for 60 minutes, for 3 or 4 times in a week, try to start practicing jogging in alternative days of walking. Jogging is also a very good fibromyalgia exercise, which can be used in the treatment of muscle or joint pains [Building the muscles].


Stationary bi-cycles are very useful for fibromyalgia exercise and also provide other benefit of exercising at your home.

Selecting the right exercise also plays an important role in relieving pain caused due to fibromyalgia. So, try to choose the one which is suitable for you and stay healthy.