Attaining Normal Blood Sugar Range With Healthy Body Weight

How to attain normal blood sugar range? It’s very simple – get rid of any excess fat and reduce your weight and get your optimal BMI or body mass index.

According to the recent research by American diabetes association – Nine out of every ten newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes sufferers in the US are over their ideal body weight or obese.

Are you thinking about what is the effect of losing weight on your diabetes?

Attaining a healthy body weight for your length, height, gender and age can give many benefits.

Benefits of maintaining healthy body weight:

  • By attaining healthy body weight, your condition can potentially be effectively reversed, less severe with proper and early intervention.
  • You will have less complications and intense episodes of diabetic conditions and symptoms. Hence, your body can maintain normal blood sugar range.
  • You can better manage your diabetes and normal blood sugar range.

Effects of being overweight on normal blood sugar range:

  • Overweight can cause many problems such as it increases the cholesterol levels and blood pressure rates putting you at high risk of premature death.
  • The most common symptoms in obese and overweight people are metabolic syndromes. It makes sugar related illness debilitating, restrictive, affecting your quality and duration of your life span.
  • If you cannot control your weight and there are any fluctuations in normal blood sugar range, it can develop heart disease and a person can even die of heart disease.

By losing these excess pounds, you are reducing your risk and investing in your own health, happiness and life ahead.

BMI of 25+ can be considered as overweight and 30+ is obese. If BMI is in between 25-30, you are at an increased risk for having, developing or worsening diabetes.

Overweight people body is typically resistant to insulin. Taking the help of medications and doing some modifications in your lifestyle can all do its part to help you process and use sugar, glucose in your system correctly and effectively.

If your body’s cells and tissues do not absorb and use insulin, breaking sugar down and fluctuations in normal blood sugar range occurs. Hence, your heart is placed under increased strain.

In order to maintain normal blood sugar range you should follow the below steps.

  • Decrease calorie consumption
  • Do regular and appropriate exercise, especially aerobic activities.
  • Participate in proper weight training programs to reduce your weight slowly and gradually.
  • Regain some of your overall health
  • Reduce other underlying health risks and deterioration.

You better focus on self-talk, mind-over matter, power of positive thoughts, mantras, hypnosis, relaxation, medication, alternative healing therapies, visualization, etc. to maintain normal blood sugar range. You can get more relief from relaxation techniques as well as improve your condition and lower blood sugar.

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