Self-Care To Control Manic Depression

Self-care is the most important option to treat manic depression.

Along with medications, natural remedies, diet and supplements, self-care can give you long-term relief from the symptoms.

You can do much to control your emotions, feelings and symptoms so that you can lead a pleasing life.

There is no need to struggle continuously to treat your manic depression. Just you need to take some simple steps to take charge of your life.

The first and most important step you need to take is educating yourself about your condition. After completing this, the next step you need to take is to become actively involved in your care.

Most of you leave care up on your doctor. Your doctors might be a primary person in your wellness, but he may not be the only one who dictates your care or decides what care is best.

Tips to control manic depression:

The first tip is developing a wellness team to treat manic depression.

Developing a wellness team: A best method to care about yourself and to treat manic depression is developing a wellness team. This team should include believable people you can calculate on for support and help during manic depression.

The people you can include in your wellness team:

  • Counselor or therapist
  • Co-workers
  • Family members
  • Family doctor
  • Friends
  • Natural healthcare provider
  • Psychiatrist

You have to decide whom you want to be a part of your team. One thing you need to remember is, include trusted people in your team, because as a patient, sometimes you are not able to think in a right way. In this case you need to appoint a believable person as your representative and make sure that you get safe and proper care. The person can be your life partner, a parent, a friend or one of your doctors.

Consider including an emergency contact or “go to” person to your team. For example, you are suffering from manic depression and have though about suicide. This is the time you need to go to a person and relay on their counsel and advice.

Recognize the symptoms of your disorder: Educate yourself about your disease, then you will become the best person to help yourself when you start to experience a manic depression episode. In order to do this, you need to learn as much as you can about how bipolar disorder affects you. Also, learn to distinguish the tell-tale symptoms of a manic episode so that you can seek help before you enter a fully blown mania.

You can also help others by writing down your symptoms so they too can let you know if they suspect that you are entering a zone. Sometimes, it is very difficult to distinguish whether you are having an episode or just having a good or bad day.

You can find many tools to help you and you can learn how to do this and manage manic depression. Your doctor should be able to provide you with tools like checklists or quizzes. You can take to identify whether you are experiencing the start of an episode. Most of the doctors will also suggest you to keep a daily journal of your feelings and moods.

This can be insightful for finding out when you are entering a manic depression. The more you start recognizing your body and aging tools, the better you will face your disease. Recognizing your body and aging tools will help you control and manage your disorder.

Why late? Right now start a journal by simply purchasing a calendar with a large enough space for you to write in. Simply write down the symptoms you are having. Also, write down how you feel. Take the report to your doctor if you want for a closer look at how well you are doing.

Find proper exercise and have fun: Most of the patients with manic depression get so bogged down by their disorder they forget that life is fun. Try to make the habit of doing outdoor exercises. Try to learn a new hobby or do something so that you can enjoy a lot.

Set up a routine that works well for you and keeps you feeling comfortable, happy and anxiety free. Exercise is helpful and boosts your spirit, even if it is bouts of time. If you feel hard to do this, then ask a member of your wellness team to help you along until you are able to manage on your own.

Keep your stress down: A big cause of manic depression is stress. It is important that you should work to get rid of obstructions in your life and reduce your stress to the best of your ability.

In order to do this, the first thing you need to do is identifying the main sources of stress in your life. Find exactly whether they are financial, work related or family related. After identifying the sources, start working on an action plan to resolve them.

If you suspect that the cause of manic depression is stress then you need to find ways to decompress at work. Once you find the cause which prevents you from working, know there are many laws that protect you and your job. So, there is no need to worry about the stress.

While undergoing a pre-employment medical exam, typically you must provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with medical conditions or disabilities. Most of the employees will work to accommodate a medical condition.

You need to control over ability to work. If you think that you are going to have a severe manic depression episode then let your employer know and work with them to find out what accommodations you can work out to lessen any problems.

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