Asthma Statistics And Facts

According to asthma statistics, it is estimated that about 155 million people suffer from asthma all over the world in which 10 million of Americans have asthma. The main reason behind this is the release of pollutants from the industries and social advancements into the air. Due to this, the concentration of airborne pollution and allergens continue to rise.

Asthma statistics state that, asthma is present all over the world, but it is high in most advanced countries like America, Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom. Due to the high population statistics, especially in big cities the pollution is very high. So, greater amount of people are suffering with asthma in these countries.

From asthma statistics, in countries such as Africa and Asia, there are very few asthma sufferers. This is because, these countries have greater amount of people suffering from typhoid and malaria. So, the individuals are protected from asthma. Also there are fewer pollutants from cars and industries, since they are developing countries.

Here are a number awful asthma statistics concerning to the occurrence of asthma today:




Number of adult asthmatics diagnosed till now

11 million

4.1 million

Number of children diagnosed till now (under 18 years)

9 million

1.1 million

Number of deaths each year due to asthma

Approximately 5000

Approximately 1400

Cost of health care annually

$11 billion

£1.1 billion

Total annual cost of the economy

$16 billion

£2.6 billion

Asthma statistics:

  • From asthma statistics, over half of all diagnosed cases of asthma are allergy related, which means that the allergen is the main cause.
  • More than 6% of Americans suffer from asthma, whereas more than 30% has some form of allergic condition.
  • You will be surprised by knowing that, according to asthma statistics between the years of 1984-1994, the incidence of asthma in the USA increased by 75% and during the same time the number of asthma cases diagnosed in those under the age of 5 increased by over 160%.
  • Asthma statistics told that due to asthma, children lose over 12 million school days each year and adults lose over 13 million work days. So, asthma is reported as one of the leading causes of absence for both children and adults.
  • In UK and USA each year from every family there are 10 million visits to the family doctor because of asthmatic symptoms. This is one of the top most ten reasons to visit the doctor.
  • More than 90% of asthma deaths are avoidable. But the death rate increases with every year.
  • Asthma statistics state that, more than 70% of asthma sufferers also experience from at least one form of allergy such as eczema, hay fever, sinusitis, or food allergies.

Asthma statistics are continued each year and the problem is also getting worse from year-to-year. Even with early diagnosis and advance treatments most of the people continue to die from the disease. So, asthmatics need to learn how to live with their disease from the moment they are diagnosed. This involves some practical tips to be followed in addition to the prescribed medications.

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