6 Common Cardiovascular Disease Symptoms

The heart is a fairly important reason for our being alive and it is a good idea to know when it is signaling for help. This is where knowing common cardiovascular disease symptoms can come in handy. Here is a list of some common symptoms that can be caused by cardiovascular disorders.Cardiovascular

1. Headache

Of all the cardiovascular disease symptoms that are ignored this one would be the most common. Many of us will blame the strain on our eyes, the lack of sleep and even the hectic schedule for our headache but not one of us will think that it is signaling to cardiovascular disease. Just popping in a pain killer pill is not the right way to deal with a headache. Listen to what your system is telling you and get yourself tested for any other symptoms of cardiovascular disease that you may be displaying.

2. Chest pain

This has to be the most obvious of all cardiovascular disease symptoms and yet if the pain is not severe enough most people do not take it to be any grave matter.

Sure they will sit down and rest till the worst of the pain goes away but most will not schedule an appointment with the doctor to determine just why that pain occurred.

Take the pains that you feel in the chest region seriously as it could help you detect a heart related disorder at an early stage when it can be treated with some success.

3. Feeling weak and fatigued

The heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood to all the tissues of the body. This fresh blood is what keeps your vigor levels up as oxygen reaches the individual cells to help with the releasing of energy needed by the body. So it follows that if the heart is not functioning properly thesupply of oxygenated blood to the tissues gets disrupted and the body does not release the energy it needs. This makes the body seem weak and the person gets fatigued even when doing the most basic physical task.

4. Blurry vision is one of the cardiovascular disease symptoms

The eyesight is extremely dependant on the flowing of blood to the eye and if it gets disturbed even a little bit the eyes can react by going blurry. If your vision is not clear and you have tested your eyesight in the last six months you may want to consider screening for a heart disorder such as hypertension.

5. Decreased urination

Since all systems of the body are connected you can get a warning of a heart related disease if you are showing signs of reduced urination. The problem tends to be associated more with kidney troubles or other medical conditions related to the digestive system, but it can just as easily be a sign of high blood pressure.

6. Breathlessness and panting

Some people may blame this on poor stamina, but it could just as easily be one of the first visible cardiovascular disease symptoms. It could be caused by initial stages of pulmonary hypertension. So it would be better to get a full body medical checkup conducted so that any hidden problems can be ruled out.