Crohn’s Disease: Treatments and Remedial Measures

Crohn’s Disease was named after Dr. Burrill B. Crohn. It is also named as Crohn syndrome. It is a kind of Inflammatory Bowel Disease but not the likes of ulcerative colitis, although the symptoms are quite similar in nature. It causes various symptoms that can affect any part from mouth to anus on the gastrointestinal tract. This results in many problems such as skin rashes, arthritis, lack of concentration, anemia, tiredness, rectal bleeding, persistent diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps and pain.

Researchers believe that Crohn’s Disease may be aggravated from stress and diet. The actual causes are still not understood. They even suggest genetics, hereditary and environmental factors contribute to its development. It is quite interesting to consider that environment plays a key role as Crohn’s Disease occurs more in urban cities than rural villages, developed countries than the underdeveloped and more in the northern climates than that of the southern.

Measures and Treatments for Crohn’s

No cure for Crohn’s has been found yet, and if however it is remitted, it would not be prolonged. Treatment options are limited within maintaining of remission, controlling the symptoms and prevention of relapse. Each patient must be treated differently as the situation is different for everyone of them. It is about treating the acute problems first and then to maintain the remission.

There are several types of ways to treat Crohn’s disease, however before starting off with any of these measures do consult a doctor:-


Medications are used to reduce the inflammation and treat any infection. This is the way to treat the acute problems.

Medications can also be helpful to control and suppress the symptoms, can be helpful in decreasing the symptom flare up frequency and maintaining remission.

There are several types of medication for Crohn’s disease. With proper medication you can reduce the periods of symptom flare up and increase the remission period.

Nutrition, Diet and Change in Lifestyle

Dietary adjustments and change in lifestyle can reduce the symptoms. That includes proper hydration, elemental diet and smoking cessation.

A healthy diet, a good sound sleep and regular exercises can reduce fatigue


Surgery cannot cure Crohn’s, however it becomes a necessary act when medications and diets can no longer suppress the symptoms.

Surgery involves the diseased bowel removal along with two healthy ones. Surgery will cause the symptoms to vanish for some years; however it is very likely to recur.

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