Job Stress Increases Heart Attacks In Women As Well

It isn’t just the men who are likely to keel over with a heart attack prompted by work stresses; women could be just as susceptible.  A long-term study of more than 12,000 Danish nurses found that women in high pressure jobs would also see their heart disease risk rising.

The study found that those nurses who described work pressure as “much too high” were 50% more likely to have heart disease.

The study followed the work and health progress of 12,116 nurses all aged between 45 and 64 for 15 years beginning in 1993.

The influence of work stress was seen to be significant for women who were under the age of 50 at the start of the study; so the study highlights the impact of stress on younger women.

Of those studied, 580 women had been admitted to hospital by the year 2008 at the conclusion of the study. Of the 580 women, 138 had a heart attack, 369 had angina and 73 had suffered some other type of heart problem.

This study underscores what we already know about the dangers of stress; the many problems it can cause either directly or indirectly and the importance of keeping it in check.

Source: latimes