Most Common Nasal Disorders You Should Know About

Whether it is small or large, nose is very important organ of your body and it is in such a prominent place that it is more probable to get any disorder. Some of the most common nasal disorders mainly include:


Nosebleeds are often caused due to injury to nasal cavities and they often occur spontaneously.

Usually, the bleeding occurs when any blood vessel in cavities at the front of septum ruptures.

At times, nose bleeding is also associated with blood disorders like clotting, defects in blood platelets and blood cells.

High blood pressure and other chronic inflammation in nasal cavities like sinusitis also lead to spontaneous nose bleeding.

Blocked nose

Whenever any foreign object enter into your nose by pushing septum to one side or deviated by an accident, you can experience nasal blockage. Even formation of polyps in the lining of the nasal cavities also leads to nasal blockage along with other nasal problems.

Nose injury

Septum present in your nose is actually made of cartilage and divides nostril. So, when an injury takes place to this bone, septum will be moved to one side and leads to nose blockage. Profuse bleeding and even fractures are also possible with frequent nose injuries.

Other than these, nasal allergies and infections, serious sinus conditions, deformities, nasal tumors and nose swelling are also some of the common nasal disorders.