Are You Worried About Nosebleeds?

Even though nosebleeds look frightening and scary, most of them are not that serious and can be treated easily.

When there are huge number of blood vessels present inside nose, then there is chance for blood vessels to get injured often, as a result you can experience nosebleeds.

The way you treat your nosebleeds is very important and when it becomes difficult to stop, you should immediately consult your personal health care provider.

So, what will you do when your nose starts bleeding? Here are some tips to control nosebleed.

Sit down and lean forward: When your nose starts bleeding, remain upright, this helps to reduce blood pressure in the blood vessels of your nose and also reduces further loss of blood. If you sit forward, it will help you in avoiding swallowing blood that can possibly cause irritation to your stomach in turn.

Squeeze your nose: With your thumb and index finger, try to pinch your nose and start breathing through your mouth. Continue this for 10 minutes. This way you can apply pressure to bleeding point in your nasal cavities and consequently stop overflow of blood.

If your nose doesn’t stop bleeding within 20 minutes, immediately consult your personal health care provider and take necessary suggestion to prevent further complications.

Frequent nosebleeds can also warn you against serious underlying disease (leukemia), so get immediate medical attention. Use humidifiers in your home to prevent nosebleeds in winter months. More often, dry nasal cavities leads to nosebleeds, so keep your nose moist by saline nasal sprays.