How Recliners Can Help You be Good

First and foremost, recliners are upholstered armchairs that can change from a straight up 90 degree sitting position to a flat or nearly flat sleeping position. Furthermore, some can have one or more reclining positions in between. Also, they have a footrest that simultaneously extends outward from the front as the back reclines.  As a result, these chairs can provide you with several health benefits as described below.


Helps Relieve Back Pain

First, experts estimate that up to eighty percent of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. So, one way to get relief is to sit in a reclined position using a good quality recliner, that offers excellent lumbar support. Moreover, such a recliner helps relieve back pain with regular use.

Now, back, shoulder, and neck pain is caused by prolonged strain on muscles in the back. Incidentally, this strain could be due to carrying heavy objects, prolonged sitting straight up or slouched at work or working on a computer at home. Most noteworthy, recliners help ease the pain by altering the direction of pressure from the weight of your body. Furthermore, according to many primary care physicians sitting in a reclined position helps provide full body support while relaxing the surrounding muscles.

Because of the physical stress, sitting upright at a 90-degree angle is not recommended. In fact, prolonged periods of sitting in this fashion can lead to muscle strain and back pain from the weight of your upper body on the spine and hips.

Incidentally, researchers have reported that sitting with a 135 degrees body to thigh angle is the best biomechanical sitting position for your back. Also, this position was better in preventing disc slide and spinal compression, thereby providing more spinal relief.

Helps Relieve Compression of the Spine

Second, according to research, reclining takes off the compression load, due to your body weight, on the spine. As a result, this helps provide relief from back pain. Incidentally, spinal compression with no rest breaks can reduce synovial fluid in the vertebral discs, causing spine bone, also known as, vertebra to collapse and rub against each other. Regrettably, this can result in herniated discs or pinched nerves that can be excruciating. Furthermore, this can lead to permanent spinal damage.

Improves Blood Flow

Third, gravity affects the flow of blood. So, if you sit or stand for long periods of time, blood gravitates to your legs and feet and settles there. As a result, the settled blood causes veins, in the legs, to get clogged and swell. Consequently, this can cause inflammation, heavy feet, and swollen joints.

Furthermore, prolonged instances of swollen feet may lead you to have surgery.

However, regular reclining can help you avoid these outcomes. In fact, a recliner helps you elevate your feet and pull blood away from your legs and feet to improve circulation.

Reduces Stress

Fourth, in a prone position, a recliner helps the spine rest, support the back, and elevate your legs. As a result, this position relaxes your body, which in turn relieves stress and rejuvenates your mind and body. Furthermore, some recliners have massagers and heat to further help you relax.

By the way, ninety-four percent of doctors in the United States agree that spending a relaxing time at home is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Also, ninety-six percent of these doctors suggest that sitting in a reclined position helps promote relaxation and helps relieve stress. In addition, research has shown that one common cause of back pain is stress. So, this is another reason why sitting in a reclined position helps back pain sufferers.

Therefore, sitting in a reclined chair with your feet up (while maintaining proper alignment of your back, of course) helps you relax and relieves your back pain.

Helps You Breathe Better

Next, sitting in an extended (or reclined) position opens your chest and airways, thereby allowing you to breathe better. In fact, by leaning backwards, your lungs and diaphragm have more room to expand.

Relieves Aching Joints

In addition, those with arthritis may suffer from, sometimes painful, conditions of swollen or stiff joints. Furthermore, recliners help decrease the aches and pain by correcting the angle of the joints and using gravity to direct muscle weight downwards, away from the joints. Also, some recliners have a wide range of reclining positions, making it easy to sit down or get up.

Helps Reverse Hunched Position

Lastly, the C-curved position, which occurs when you are hunched over the desk, is bad for your spine and posture. In addition, it can create problems for your neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it can cause back pain, joint stiffness, future spinal herniation, pinched nerve, and reduced circulation to muscle tissues.  However, sitting in a reclined position helps correct this posture and helps ensure proper spine alignment.


In summary, recliners are a useful piece of furniture to have around your home, especially when you want to relax. Moreover, they are a must to have because they come in handy when you need relief from back pain, stress, aching joints, swollen feet, and more.