How Can You Manage 30 Minutes of Walking Daily?

An early morning walk is a boon for your entire day. Walk, walk, and walk to improve your overall health and level of activeness. It will only require 30 minutes from your scheduled routine every day. An investment for half an hour can give you lifelong benefits. It will help in strengthening your bones and muscles, burn down excess fat, improve your cardiac health, and boost up your endurance level. It is the best form of exercise that also prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. And the best part of walking is you will require no equipment and you can enjoy the eccentric beauty of nature.

It is a myth that you need to exercise for a longer span to get an adequate result. A study in 2007 reveals that even inactive people who took up a minimum of 75 minutes of exercise in a week had a higher level of activeness than a completely non-exercising group.

The best part of walking is that you can do it whenever you wish. Yes, 30 minutes of walking at a stretch can be tiresome and boring. So instead, you can break it. Ten minutes of walk in the morning, another 15 minutes while returning from the workplace, and 5 minutes post your dinner. Besides, you require minimal equipment and is one of the best exercises for elderly and obese people.

How Can You Manage 30 Minutes of Walking Daily?

Make walking a part of your social activity by going on a walk with friends or by joining any walking club. Walking has an immense health benefit. It is a weight-bearing exercise, wherein a person has to bear his/her body weight.

Walking for 30 minutes a day

Try to incorporate walking as a part of your normal routine and improve your heart, muscles, and bones, and burn down those extra kilos from the body. Just contribute 30 minutes from your entire day. But yes, this doesn’t mean strolling in a park. During these 30 minutes, you need to walk as swiftly as you can. This means you will be puffing and sweating a little after your first round of walk. However, if you are suffering from any pre-medical condition then it is advisable to consult a doctor and then take up the walking exercise.

Building physical activity into your life

Trying to walk for 30minutes can sound very tiring. Instead, you can divide it into three small bouts with 10 minutes per exercise each day. However, if you wish to burn down calories and improve the metabolic rate of your body, then you need to work a little harder. However, you can start it by doing 30minutes of walk every day along with undergoing strenuous workout session. Therefore, as a part of your weight loss program, you can indulge in physical activities along with maintaining a proper diet.

So as a suggestion to incorporate walking every day, you can do the following

  • Try to take the stairs instead of an elevator. While climbing up and down a staircase, our leg muscles improve, we have faster heart rate, and a lot of calories are burned down in this process.
  • While traveling, get down on your bus or cab a stop earlier and try to cover the rest of the distance by walking.
  • In order to make a purchase, try to walk and visit your nearest local shop instead of ordering online or taking your car.
  • If you or your neighbor has a dog, try to take it out for a walk. In this way, you can cover your walking routine as well.

Make walking a part of your routine. This should be treated like water, which is necessary for living. It will require the same amount of energy while walking every day and with each passing day, it will become more convenient. You can walk at any time of the day that suits best for you. If you feel sluggish to walk alone, try to take a friend to give you company. You can even join a walking club where you will find more people like you to boost up your walking spirit.