How to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently at Home

Everything is embarrassing about dandruff, scratching your scalp in public, tell-tale flakes on your brand new black dress, every, single thing! That is why we try our level best to get rid of dandruff as fast as possible! But no amount of shampooing or oiling can help us to get rid of dandruff! So, how to remove dandruff from hair permanently at home? Well, you can get rid of dandruff and that too without having to spend an insane amount of money on expensive ointments or shampoos! While the look of incredulity on your face is natural, hear this from us, that it is very much possible. These home remedies are everything you really need to get rid of those tiny flakes forever and ever!

lemon for dandruff

The Root Causes of Dandruff – Eliminate them before it becomes too late

How to get rid of dandruff?

Well, to get rid of any condition, we must take a look at some of the causes of the condition, only then will be able to get rid of them. Dandruff occurs largely because of a scalp infection called Malassezia which thrives on your scalp. This infection leads to shedding the scalp skin.

People with oily hair can get dandruff so do people with dry hair. There are two types of dandruff – one which results because of the dryness of the scalp, another which is because of too much oil production on the scalp. Here are a few reasons why you have those tiny white flakes on your scalp.

  • Improper brushing technique, which does not stimulate the hair follicles enough.
  • Not shampooing enough or even too much of shampooing which leads to the dryness of the scalp.
  • An inadequate diet which fails to provide the right nutrients to the body.
  • Stress and certain diseases such as seborrhoea dermatitis, Parkinson’s disease, and eczema.

1.Coconut Oil and honey Scalp scrub

Coconut oil is the wonder oil that can help with most of your hair issues including dandruff. The next ingredient of this remedy is honey which has microbial properties and is just perfect to combat dandruff.


1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 tablespoon olive oil

3 teaspoons yogurt

2 teaspoons honey


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make a paste out of it.  If the liquid is too runny, add honey or yogurt to make it slightly thicker.

Next, apply this paste to your scalp and continue to massage it, gently. Apply all over your hair covering the roots to the tips.

Continue to massage the paste for 10 minutes.

Keep the mixture for 30-45 minutes, or so and then use an adequate amount of water and shampoo to wash off the paste.

Dry your hair with a towel and you are good to go!

2.Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Dandruff

Apple cider vinegar is a great kitchen hack and is super effective in getting rid of dandruff. It restores the pH balance of the scalp and helps get rid of the yeast. It cleans the scalp as well, cleaning the clogged pores and revives the vitality of the hair.


2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (Get the raw unfiltered with the mother variety)

15-20 drops of tea tree essential oil


Blend the apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water with the tea tree oil.

Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage gently. Rinse off your hair after a few minutes.

Follow this treatment at least thrice a week for best results.

3.Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild exfoliant, which helps remove dead skin cells and also blots out the excess oil. This can balance out the pH levels on the scalp and drastically reduce the fungi growth on the scalp.


A handful baking soda


Wet your hair and rub the baking soda onto your scalp.

Give the mixture a few minutes to sit on the scalp and rinse off the solution with warm water.

Repeat the procedure at least once or twice a week for best results.

Note: Do not shampoo your hair after rinsing off.

4.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is readily available in your kitchen and yet it is really effective in combating fungi which causes dandruff.  This remedy can not only help get rid of dandruff but also the itching usually associated with dandruff.


I/2 a lemon

¼ plain yogurt


Mix the juice of the lemon with the yogurt. Apply it evenly to your entire hair and scalp area. Leave the solution for a good 20 minutes before washing it off with plain water and shampoo.

Another way of using the lemon solution is to just massage your scalp with a few teaspoons of lemon juice diluted with a little amount of water. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes before shampooing off your hair.

You can repeat this method for a few times each week for best results.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek seeds have excellent medicinal properties which have antifungal properties and combats dandruff effectively also soothing your scalp in the process.


2-3 tablespoons fenugreek

1 teaspoon yogurt


Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight.  Grind the soaked seeds into a fine paste. Add the yogurt to this paste to make it even more effective.

Apply this paste generously all over your scalp and leave on the mixture for a few hours.

Rinse with water and then shampoo off your hair.

Follow this remedy and practice it at least twice a week for desired results.

Like all natural methods, you have got to be really patient to see any results. All the remedies are easy to procure and are easily available in your kitchen so you can use them as and when you require. Also, remember to keep your combs and brushes squeaky clean.

Dry your hair naturally before tying your hair. Moisture is the breeding ground of most bacteria and fungi. So keep your scalp clean and dry. Nourish your body with the right foods and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of clean and pure water. Try these remedy and let us know whether you were successful in getting rid of dandruff permanently!

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