Maintain your Oral Hygiene with Easy Tips

Gunning for good oral hygiene involves taking care of one’s teeth, gums and the mouth. This goal is worthy of our attention. As per a few new studies the mouth can mirror the overall condition of an individual. Dentists claim, if your teeth are in good health they can help diagnose many diseases like diabetes. They also claim that poor oral hygiene can also mean that you have other health issues.

Below are a few daily tips for oral hygiene which you must follow if you want to maintain a good, healthy smile and improve your overall mouth health.

maintain your oral hygiene with easy tips

Regularly Brushing Your Teeth

The first and the most important tip when it comes to oral hygiene are to brush regularly and also brush properly. Ideally brushing is the easiest and the most sorted way of keeping the teeth clean. It is advised that one should brush at least twice a day and specially before going to bed.

Proper Way of Brushing

As per experts, the best and most proper way to brush your teeth is to place the brush bristles at 45degrees to the gum line. The bristles should touch both the teeth and the gum line; and you should brush the outside of your teeth in up-down/ back-forth directions.

You should also remember to brush your tongue once you have brushed both the inside and outside of your teeth.

Tobacco at Bay

It is a well known fact that tobacco is extremely unhealthy for your teeth. In addition to this, tobacco consumption is also bad for you overall health. Keeping tobacco at bay will not only give you good oral hygiene but will also keep you away from oral cancer and other possible complications.


One other habit that you should adopt for a better oral hygiene is flossing. In consists of cleaning your teeth and getting rid of any food debris stuck in the middle of your teeth with the help of floss. Floss can reach even those deep areas between your teeth that the brush bristles may not be able to cover.

Your overall oral hygiene also depends on the health of your teeth and gums. To keep them in good health it is important that you supply your body with the much needed calcium, vitamin D, other vitamins and nutrients. It is hence advised that you consume milk, fortified drinks/ orange juice, and foods rich in calcium etc. for a better oral hygiene.


Using a god mouthwash soon after you have brushed and flossed your teeth is also a good way to maintain dental hygiene. The mouthwash helps in flushing out all of the loose debris while also strengthening the exterior coat of your teeth. You can also use mouthwash anytime during the way when you feel like your oral hygiene is dropping.

Sodas and other acidic and sugary drinks are all very harmful for your teeth and oral hygiene. This is because the acids in the drinks soften the enamel and create holes in it. This leads to cavities and a high drop in you oral health. So the best way to go is to completely cut or at least curb the consumption of such drinks.